Top achievers in SU Applied mathematics

Each year we recognise the achievements of our top students in each year group. Every other year the John Todd Morrison medal is awarded to the top MSc student in Applied Mathematics. More details on this medal can be found here.


  • Top 1st year: Daniel Ristow (95.5%)
  • Top 2nd year: Charles De Kock (93%)
  • Top 3rd year: Tyla Peens (96%)
  • Top Honours: Adéle Lourens and Rocco Van Velden (84.4%)

(From left to right, Tyla Peens, Prof Nick Hale, Rocco Van Velden, Charles De Kock, Adéle Lourens, Prof Ingrid Rewitzky, Daniel Ristow)


  • Top 1st year: Andre Steyl (91%)
  • Top 2nd year: Danielle Kleyn and Mia Stoffberg (89%)
  • Top 3rd year: Alexandra van der Spuy (98%)
  • Top Honours: Francois Naude (87%)

(From left to right, Prof Nick Hale, Andre Steyl, Alexandra van der Spuy, Francois Naude, Danielle Kleyn, Prof Ingrid Rewitzky, Mia Stoffberg )


  • Top 1st year: Danielle Kleyn and Abel Kotze (97.5%)
  • Top 2nd year: Alexandra van der Spuy and Emil van der Walt (100%)
  • Top 3rd year: Stefan Conradie (87.25%)
  • Top Honours: Emma Nel (90%)


  • Top 1st year: Bernardus Wessels (99%)
  • Top 2nd year: Hans Klusmann (100%)
  • Top 3rd year: Kirsten Robinson (88.5%)
  • Top Honours: Philip Schall and Tarryn Surajpal (87%)
  • Top MSc (John Todd Morrison medal): Meghan Kennealy


  • Top 1st year: Jason Scott Brown and Jean Durand (93.8%)
  • Top 2nd year: Eugene Fouché (96.5%)
  • Top 3rd year: Tarryn Surajpal (83.5%)
  • Top Honours: Klara Kleinhans (84%)

(From left to right: Jason, Jean, Eugene, Tarryn, Klara)


  • Top 1st year: Emma Nel (95%)
  • Top 2nd year: Jacobie Mouton (99.5%)
  • Top 3rd year: Fred de Villiers (90.25%)
  • Top Honours: Esmari Maré (87%)
  • Top MSc (John Todd Morrison medal): Jacoline van Jaarsveld

(Photographs courtesy of SU Faculty of Science, Media and Communication. From left to right, Fred de Villiers, Esmari Mare, Jacobie Mouton, Emma Nel, Jacoline van Jaarsveld, and Dr Sonia Fidder-Woudberg.)


  • Top 1st year: Dario Trinchero (100%)
  • Top 2nd year: Freddie Ryk de Villiers and Emma Catherine King (91%)
  • Top 3rd year: Jeandré Boshoff and Esmari Maré (91.5%)
  • Top Honours: Shane Josias and Peter Thompson (78%)

(Photo courtesy of SU Faculty of Science, Media and Communication. From left to right, Esmari Maré, Emma King, Fred de Villiers, Shane Josias, Jeandré Boshoff, Peter Thompson, Professor Francois Smit (Head: Applied Mathematics Division), and Dario Trinchero.)


  • Top 1st year: Sarah Selkirk (94%)
  • Top 2nd year: Peter Thompson (97%)
  • Top 3rd year: Gerhard Kirsten (84%)
  • Top Honours: Melise du Toit (91%)

(Photo courtesy of SU Faculty of Science, Media and Communication. From left to right, Prof JAC Weideman (Head of Division), Prof Ingrid Rewitzky (Head of Department), Prof Louise Warnich (Dean of Science), Melise du Toit, Gerhard Kerstin, Prof Louise Warnich, and Sarah Selkirk.)