Applied Mathematics (AM) modules (2020)

AM 354 - Flow modelling (2nd semester final year Science module):
Modelling of the dynamics of continuous systems; convective and diffusive transport as special cases of the general transport theorem; stress dyadic; energy and heat transport; constitutive equations for fluids; derivation and solution of the Navier-Stokes equation; ideal flow; potential flow; computational simulation of fluid dynamics.

AM 794 - Tensor Analysis (2nd semester post-graduate Science module):
Development of a physical understanding of the mathematical concepts associated with general and Cartesian tensor analysis; introductory differential geometry; curvilinear coordinate systems; coordinate transformations; development of a sound foundation for advanced mathematical modelling in scientific and engineering research environments.

Modules taught in previous years

AM B124 - Statics (1st semester first year Engineering module):
Vectors; forces; sum of forces at a point; direction cosines and direction angles; components and component vectors; scalar and vector products; moment of a force; force systems on rigid bodies; equivalent force systems; couples; line of action of the resultant; equilibrium of a rigid body; friction; centre of mass; centroid; volumes; definite integration; moment of inertia of areas.

AM 144 - Modelling in Mechanics (2nd semester first year Science module):
Development of the skilled use of vector, differential and integral calculus in the modelling of dynamics of simple physical systems, including the analysis of force fields, motion and modelling assumptions.