Research interests

My research involves the mathematical modelling of fluid flow in porous media. In my PhD dissertation geometrical pore-scale models are presented and analytical equations proposed to predict the pressure drop and permeability of different types of porous media. My research is focused on adapting the models and improving the generic equations by relaxing the assumptions which are based on physical principles. The goal is to continuously extend the range of applicability of the models so that it can be used to predict the transport phenomena in various industrial porous media applications. The geometric models include a model for granular media, foams and fibrous porous media. I am involved in a few research projects in collaboration with the Department of Energy and Environmental Systems at IMT Atlantique in France. These projects involve the permeability prediction of (i) fibrous porous media subject to compression (ii) fibrous porous media used in air filtration and (iii) predicting the effect of biofilm growth on the pressure drop over a biofilter. The latter project is also in collaboration with the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Research information

Research name: Sonia Woudberg
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6533-1781
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