Prasa paper

I am a junior lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I am also a PhD candidate, where I focus on cross-domain visual representation learning. I am interested in understanding when learned visual representations are robust and generalisable to different but related domains, and in using that understanding to inform the learning process.

Prior to the above, I've worked as a software engineer writing complex events processing applications, as well as adding functionality to the framework on top of which those applications run. In addition, I also worked on various aspects of database integration.

I completed an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University early 2020, where I tackled properties like a long-tailed data distribution and semantic ambiguity in visual relationship recognition. My experience with visual relationship recognition has inspired my interest in robust and generalisable visual representations.

# Contact details

Email: josias [at] sun [dot] ac [dot] za
Google Scholar: Shane Josias (opens new window)
Twitter: @shanejosias (opens new window)
LinkedIn: shane-josias (opens new window)