Prasa paper

I am a junior lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I am also a PhD candidate, where I focus on the intersection of causality and representation learning. I am interested in leveraging principles from causality to obtain robust and generalisable representations of data.

Prior to the above, I've worked as a software engineer writing complex events processing applications, as well as adding functionality to the framework on top of which those applications run. In addition, I also worked on various aspects of database integration.

I completed an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University early 2020, where I tackled properties like a long-tailed data distribution and semantic ambiguity in visual relationship recognition. My experience with visual relationship recognition has inspired my interest in causal representation learning.

# Contact details

Email: josias [at] sun [dot] ac [dot] za
Google Scholar: Shane Josias (opens new window)
Twitter: @shanejosias (opens new window)
LinkedIn: shane-josias (opens new window)