Stellenbosch University
Applied Mathematics

Important notices:

  • Final marks are available on My.SUN. (If you have outstanding fees I cannot tell you your mark. Sorry.)
  • Those for which 'Another assessment allowed' or 'Module continues' have access to A3. See below.

Announcements and interesting material:


  • Dr Pietro Landi
  • Office: 1020 Mathematical Sciences


  • Sárah Galloway
  • Jeanne Daniel

Information Sheet:

  • Information sheet can be found here.

Lecture timetable:

  • Monday 10:00 in A406
  • Tuesday 08:00 in A406
  • Friday 11:00 in A305


  • Wednesday 14:00
    A406 (tutorials) or NARGA D 1005 (assignments)
    Venue changes will be communicated in class and here

Test dates:

  • A1: 26 August
  • A2: 09 November
  • A3: 29 November

Lecture notes:

The fact that the lecture slides are available here should not be taken as invitation to skip class and not everything covered in class appear on these slides.

Note that these notes are placed here in advance of the lectures to give you an opportunity to study the course at your own pace. However, they are subject to small changes as the course progresses. Make sure you are using the most up to date versions, particularly when revising for tests.

Credit: course material by Prof. Nick Hale.

Course text:

Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems
D.G. Zill & W.S. Wright
ISBN-10: 1111827060
ISBN-13: 978-1111827069
Brooks Cole; 8th edition (March 15, 2012), 664 pp
[9th edition now available. Either is fine.]
[Note that TW364 also uses this textbook.]

Useful codes:

  • dfield.jar - Plot direction fields (by John C. Polking, Rice University)
  • pplane.jar - Plot phase planes (by John C. Polking, Rice University)
  • euler.m - Euler code for solving ODEs.
  • Here is an ode45 manual (eng and afr) that describes its usage in short.
  • case1.m, case2.m, case3.m - Codes form lecture 36.

Test papers:

Test 1 2019: test1_2019_solns.pdf
Test 2 2018: test2_2018_solns.pdf

MCM competition:

Every year two teams chosen from TW244 participate in an international competition on mathematical modelling.

Here is information on our teams from the past, and here is the competition website. Contact Prof. Nick Hale ( for further info