Nick Hale

Dr Nick Hale

Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Stellenbosch University


Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Stellenbosch University
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, OCCAM
Non-Stipendiary Lecturer, St Hugh's College, Oxford
Tutor, Merton College, Oxford

My current research interests are in fast algorithms for computations with orthogonal polynomials, including the fast computation of Gauss quadrature nodes and weights, fast Chebyshev to Legendre transforms, and fast algorithms for the convolution of polynomial series. See my publications list for further details.

Much of my previous work was in adaptive spectral methods for numerical solutions of PDEs; combining complex analysis, barycentric interpolation, and conformal mapping. This topic was central to my Oxford DPhil thesis, which I continued during a Post-Doc in OCCAM.

I am involved in the open-source Chebfun project, and was a lead developer of version 3. Since the release of version 4 I have been part-funded by The MathWorks as the director of the project. Chebfun is a software system written in object-oriented MATLAB, which extends familiar powerful methods of numerical computation to continuous or piecewise-continuous functions. One of its key aims is to provide a link between symbolic and numeric computing. You can find out more at

I also have an interest in the application of conformal mapping to quadrature methods, and the computation of certain matrix functions by complex contour integrals. I completed my DPhil at St Hugh's College, in 2009. A copy of my CV can be found here, and my contact details in the link above.