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TWB224 - Dynamics of rigid bodies:

TWB224 is mainly concerned with the dynamics of rigid bodies. Dynamics is the branch of mechanics involving the study of the motion of bodies that are subject to forces. During this course the following two subdivisions of dynamics will be investigated: kinematics, which is the study of motion without reference to the forces that cause the motion, and kinetics, which is a study of the action of forces on bodies together with the subsequent motion of these bodies. Details of the course can be found on the course website:

CFD - Numerical flow simulations:

The aim of the course is to introduce students general numerical methods for solving flow equations and similar partial differential equations. Some of the aspects that will be discussed are finite difference and finite volume methods, procedures for the simulation of diffusive and convective processes, discretization of partial differential equations, the handling of control volume grids and boundary conditions, as well as solvers such as the SIMPLE range algorithms. Details of the course can be found on the course website:

TW144 - Modelling in mechanics:

Development of the skilled use of vector, differential and integral calculus in the modelling of the dynamics of simple physical systems, including the anlysis of force fields, motion and modelling assumptions.