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MF Maritz
Division Applied Mathematics
Departement of Mathematical Sciences
Stellenbosch University
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ZA 7602


MF Maritz
Room A416
General Engineering Building
Faculty of Engineering
Banhoek Road
ZA 7600


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Current modules (2016)
Vector Calculus (AMB242)
Applied Matrix Methods


Year Article
2015 M CLOETE, GJF SMIT,and MF MARITZ, External Boundary Effects on the Velocity Profile for Generalized Newtonian Fluid Flow Inside a Homogeneous Porous Medium, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., 213, p. 40-52, (2015)
2012 MARITZ, MF, and WFD THERON, Experimental Verification of the Motion of a Loaded Hoop, Amer. J. Phys., 80, p.594-598, (2012)
2008 THERON, WFD, and MF MARITZ, The Amazing Variety of Motions of a Loaded Hoop, Mathematical and Computer Modeling , 47, p.1077-1088, (2008).
2006 DU PREEZ, LH, and MF MARITZ, Demonstrating morphometric protocols using polystome marginal hooklet measurements, Systematic Parasitology , 63 p.1-15, (2006).
2001 ASANTE, JKO, WD ROOS and MF MARITZ, Quantification from Overlapping Auger Peak-to-peak Heights. Surface and Interface Analysis, 31(9), p. 856-861, (2001).
1998 MARITZ, MF, GT HERMAN, and C YEE, Recovery of the Absorption Coefficient from Diffused Reflected Light Using a Discrete Diffusive Model, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 59(1), p. 58-71, (1998).
1997 AHARONI, R, M MARITZ and R MESHULAM, Fourier-Transform Imitations, Linear Algebra and Its Appl., 257, p. 201-209, (1997).
1994 MARITZ, MF, and RM DOUGLAS, Shape Quantization and estimation of volume and surface area of reptile eggs, J. Herp., 28 , p. 281-291, (1994).
1991 MARITZ, MF and SW SCHOOMBIE, Exact analysis of nonlinear instability in a discrete Burgers' equation, J. Comput. Phys., 97, p. 73-90, (1991).
1990 MARITZ, MF, A Generalization to Higher-Order Hopf-Cole Type of Transformations, Nuovo Cimento, 105, p. 685-692, (1990).
1988 MITCHELL, AR, G STEIN, and MF MARITZ, Periodic structure beyond a Hopf bifurcation, Comm. Appl. Num. Meth., 4, p. 263-272, (1988).
1987 MARITZ, MF and SW SCHOOMBIE, Parasitic waves and solitons in the numerical solution of the Korteweg-de Vries and modified Korteweg-de Vries equation. J. Comp. Phys., 73, p. 244-266, (1987).


Collaboration with industry

During my career as applied mathematician I have done contract work for the following companies:

Dates CompanyWork done
1994-1996 CLOVER SA Sales forecasting application
2001 REUTEC RADAR SYSTEMS Error modeling for South African Large Telescope tracker system
2002-2005 DENEL LAND SYSTEMS Penetration modeling for powder jets
2005 REUTEC RADAR SYSTEMS Transform algorithms for scanning radar
2005-2012 DENEL LAND SYSTEMS Digitizing software for performance tests
2007-2012 RHEINMETALL-DENEL MUNITION Penetration modeling in concrete

Clover sales forecasting

Clover is a company that manufactures dairy products. Some of its products (such as fresh milk, and cream) have short shelf lives, and therefore should not be manufactured in greater quantities than that which can be sold in the next few days.

The software appplication developed for Clover was in collaboration with statistician Prof. DG Nel ( Forecasting was based on a Kalman-filter model, incorporating both weather related variables and natural economic cycles (weeks, month ends, etc.). A particular chalenge was the modelling of sales behaviour on and around public holidays.

Error modelling for SALT

The South African Large Telescope (SALT) was inaugurated on 10 September 2005. Reutec Radar Systems (RRS) was contracted to design and manufacture the tracker system that houses the optical instruments.

I was subcontracted to write software for error modelling in the tracker system, to be used in the pre-planning phase of the design process.

Powder jet penetration modelling

This work was done for Rheinmetall-DenelMunition (formerly Denel Land Systems, DLS). It involves the modeling of penetration profiles for shaped charge jets consisting of fine particles. In particular the variation in density of the jet is taken into account. Part of this work was presented at the IBS conference.

Digitizing software for performance tests

This work is always ongoing. It is done for Rheinmetal-Denel Munition (RDM). Various software packages have been written for diagnostic analysis of data in the defense industry. Among others there are

Scanning Radar

This was a very small job done for Reutec Radar Systems (RRS). It involves the development of a fast algorithm for finding maxima in Fourier interpolants.