The module will provide a brief overview of a number of important topics in Computer Vision, including the fundamentals of image processing, projective geometry, camera models and stereo vision, object segmentation, detection and recognition. If time permits we may also touch on more modern aspects of Computer Vision involving deep learning.


Tutorials on Monday afternoons in Narga E are extremely informal and optional. During these hours I (the lecturer) will be quick to respond to questions via email, and also available in my office for a chat. I am open to negotiate this arrangement, should the class develop a need for more formal tutorials.

Assessment and dates

Assessment will consist of six assignments and two written tests. Each of these eight opportunities will count 12.5% of your final mark for the module. Here are the dates (2017):

AssignmentRelease dateDue date
124 July7 August
27 August21 August
321 August7 September
411 September26 September
526 September9 October
69 October23 October
TestDate and time
128 August, 14:00 - 16:00
231 October, 09:00 - 11:00