• Lectures: Tuesdays 9:00, Wednesdays 11:00 and Fridays 12:00 in A407.
    Tutorials: Mondays 14:00 in Narga E (informal, not compulsory).

  • Here is some information on the module, including content, how tutorials work, the assessment model and important dates.

  • Here is an updated list of marks (16 Oct).

  • Assignment 6 is now available. Deadline (extended): 2 November.

  • TEST 2: Tuesday 31 October, 9:00
    Venue: General Engineering building, room A404.
    The test will cover the last part of chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, as well as assignments 4 and 5. Here is a preparation sheet.


  Dr Willie Brink
  Engineering Building A312
  wbrink 'at'
  (021) 808-4218


1 introduction; image representation; histograms; smoothing and sharpening foreword, chapter 1
2 edge detection; image interpolation; feature detection and matching chapter 2
3 projective geometry; projective transformations; removing perspective distortion chapter 3
4 robust parameter estimation chapter 4
5 the pinhole camera model: derivation, calibration, decomposition, etc. chapter 5
6 two-view geometry: epipolar constraint, fundamental matrix, triangulation chapter 6
7 two-view geometry: essential matrix, 3D reconstruction  
8 no class (work on Assignment 4)  
9 unsupervised learning in CV: dimensionality reduction chapter 7
10 unsupervised learning in CV: clustering  
11 image classification: features chapter 8
12 image classification: classifiers  
13 deep learning  
*Topics covered in class are not necessarily limited to those listed here.


SIFT detections and descriptor vectors for Assignment 6 (total size 348mb): (18mb) (69mb) (16mb) (18mb) (46mb) (20mb) (72mb) (41mb) (46mb)

Demonstrations, code, further reading, etc.