• Whenever you hand in an assignment, please:
  • • Start with a cover page containing your name, student number, and the assignment's number.
  • • Some parts of the assignment may be handwritten while other parts may be printouts. However, presentation and style matters - it must be tidy and well organized. (You must be proud of it.)
  • • Make sure your pages are all numbered sequentially and that they are in the correct order.
  • • Figures belonging to a specific item, should be where that item is written/printed and not far away from it.
  • • The assignment should be stapled. If you want to, you may bind it (not required), but do not use binding techniques that create a booklet that persistently closes itself automatically.
  • • Assignments must be placed in marked pigeon hole (in front of room A409) before or on the due date (no later than 17:00). Electronic versions of the assignments sent by email will not be accepted.

    Assignment 1:
    Fourier Series
    Assignment 2:
    Separation of Variables
    Assignment 3:
    Derivation of PDEs
    Assignment 4:
    Fourier Transforms and Fourier Techniques
    Assignment 5:
    First order PDEs: Characteristics
    Assignment 6:
    Finite Difference Methods