This module is an introduction to the theory and applications of partial differential equations. The objective of this module is to give the student an elementary introduction to the theory of partial differential equations and relevant solution techniques such as the method of characteristics, separation of variables and the use of transform techniques. This model will also give the student some skills in elementary continuum modelling that consists of the mathematical formulation of problems that can be expressed as a pde boundary value problem. Specifically the heat equation, wave equation and Laplace equation are derived from first principles.
Another objective of this module is to give the student an elementary introduction to numerical solution techniques for partial differential equations where the finite difference method and the use of time step solvers for ordinary differential equations to handle time discretisation are considered. The student is also introduced to symbolic manipulation software, in particular to MATHEMATICA, and how to use it in solving pdes and in testing solutions, etc.


This course is evaluated according to the continuous evaluation model. You will write two tests. The marks obtained in each test will contribute 40% (per test) to your final pass mark. You will also be required to do assignments and hand it in. The mark obtained for these assignments will contribute 20% to your final pass mark. (Marks)

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