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Applied MathematicsToegepaste Wiskunde

Important notices:Belangrike kennisgewings:

  • The second test (A2) wll cover material from Lecture 19 to Lecture 38 (inclusive),
    but you will still be expected to be familiar with concepts from the first term
    (such as polynomial interpolation and the solution of nonlinear equations).
  • Marks for CA04 and TT04 available here. Marks for remaining assesments available soon.

MATLAB and videos:

  • This course assumes some previous experience with MATLAB (or Python).
  • MATLAB is now FREE for all SU students! Download instructions here.
    Alternatively, you can use MATLAB in your browser! (But this may be slower.)
  • I strongly recommend completing the (free) online MATLAB Onramp as a refresher.


Information Sheet:Inligtingstuk:

  • Information sheet can be found here. Inligtingsblaaie kan hier (afr) gevind word.

Lecture timetable:Lesingrooster:

  • MondayMaandag 9:00 in A404
  • WednesdayWoensdag 12:00 in A404
  • ThursdayDonderdag 8:00 in A404


  • Friday 14:00 in A407 or in NARGA A
    (room announced every week on the web)
    Vrydag 14:00 in A407 of in NARGA A
    (kamer aangekondig elke week op die web)

Lecture notes:Lesingnotas:

The fact that the lecture slides are available here should not be taken as invitation to skip class!
Not everything covered in class will appear on these slides.
Die feit dat die klasnotas hier beskikbaar is moenie gesien word as aanmoediging om klas te bank nie!
Nie alles wat in die klas behandel is verskyn op hierdie notas nie.

Course text:Handboek:

2018 Test dates:2018 Datums vir assessering:

Test 1:Toets 1: 17 March Test 2:Toets 2: 29 May 09:00

Old test papers:Ou vraestelle:

Test Toets Solutions Oplossing
Test 1 2015Toets 1 2015: test1_2015.pdf test1_2015_solutions.pdf
Test 2 2015Toets 2 2015: test2_2015.pdf test2_2015_solutions.pdf
Test 1 2016Toets 1 2016: test1_2016.pdf test1_2016_solutions.pdf
Test 2 2016Toets 2 2016: test2_2016.pdf test2_2016_solutions.pdf
Test 1 2017Toets 1 2017: test1_2017.pdf test1_2017_solutions.pdf
Test 2 2017Toets2 2017: test2_2017.pdf test2_2017_solutions.pdf
Test 1 2018Toets 1 2018: test1_2018.pdf test1_2018_solutions.pdf

Useful codes:Nuttige kodes: