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Applied MathematicsToegepaste Wiskunde

Important notices:Belangrike kennisgewings:

  • A3 will be written at 9AM in 27 Nov in A308. Front page available here.
  • A3 covers material from both first and second term. Your A3 mark replaces the lower of your A1 and A2 marks.



  • Sarah Galloway (demi and marking)
  • Gerhard Kirstin (demi)
  • Desmarie Lesch (marking)

Information Sheet:Inligtingstuk:

  • Information sheets can be found here. Inligtingsblaaie kan hier gevind word.

Lecture timetable:Lesingrooster:

  • MondayMaandag 10:00 in A406
  • TuesdayDinsdae 08:00 in A406
  • FridayVrydag 11:00 in A305


  • Wednesday 14:00 in A406 or in NARGA D
    (room announced every week on the web)
    Woensdag 14:00 in A406 of in NARGA D
    (kamer aangekondig elke week op die web)

Test dates:Datums vir assessering:

Test 1:Toets 1: 21 Aug @ 17:00 in A203 Test 2: Toets 2: 28 Oct @ 14:00 in Wilcox 1012 Second Opp: 27 Nov @ 09:00 in A308

Lecture notes:Lesingnotas:

The fact that the lecture slides are available here should not be taken as invitation to skip class!
Die feit dat die klasnotas hier beskikbaar is moenie gesien word as aanmoediging om klas te bank nie!
Please note that these notes are placed here in advance of the lectures to give you an opportunity to study the course at your own pace. However, they are subject to small changes as the course progresses. Please ensure you are using the most up to date versions.

Course text:Handboek:

Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems
D.G. Zill & W.S. Wright
ISBN-10: 1111827060
ISBN-13: 978-1111827069
Brooks Cole; 8th edition (March 15, 2012), 664 pp
[9th edition now available. Either is fine.]
[Note that TW364 also uses this textbook.]


(Approximate and subject to change) (Benaderde en onderhewig aan verandering)

1 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 Introduction, definitions, initial value problems, direction fields
2 2.2, 2.3, 2.6 Separable variables, integration factors, numerical methods
3 3.1 Linear models
4 3.2 Nonlinear models
5 3.2, 3.3 Nonlinear models, systems of 1st-order DEs
Test 01
6 4.1, 4.3, 4.4 Higher-order linear DEs (homogeneous and non-homogeneous)
7 4.9 Solving linear systems
8 5.1 Spring-mass systems
9 5.3, 7.1 Driven spring-mass systems, Laplace transforms
10 7.2, 7.6 Solving DEs and systems of DEs with the Laplace transform
11 8.2, 10.1 Diagonalization, introduction to autonomous systems
12 10.2, 10.3 Stability of linear and nonlinear autonomous systems
13 10.4 Models of autonomous systems
Test 02

* The sections refer to sections in the textbook.
**Topics covered in class are not necessarily limited to those listed here.


MATLAB is now FREE for all SU students! Download instructions here.

Useful codes:Nuttige kodes:

  • dfield.jar - Plot direction fields (by John C. Polking, Rice University)
  • pplane.jar - Plot phase planes (by John C. Polking, Rice University)
  • Here is an ode45 manual (eng and afr) that describes its usage in short. Hier is 'n ode45 handleiding (eng en afr) wat die gebruik daarvan kortliks verduidelik. (by Dr Brink, Stellenbosch University)

Old test papers:Ou vraestelle:

Test 1 2015Toets 1 2015: test1_2015.pdf test1_2015_solns.txt
Test 2 2015Toets 2 2015: test2_2015.pdf test2_2015_solns.txt
Test 1 2016Toets 1 2016: test1_2016.pdf test1_2016_solns.pdf
Test 2 2016Toets 2 2016: test2_2016.pdf test2_2016_solns.pdf
Test 1 2017Toets 1 2016: test1_2017.pdf test1_2017_solns.pdf
Test 2 2017Toets 2 2017: test2_2017.pdf test2_2017_solns.pdf


  • MATLAB is now FREE for all SU students! Download instructions here.
  • Some videos demonstrating basic MATLAB can be found here.

MCM competition:kompetisie:

Every year two teams chosen from TW244 participate in an international competition on mathematical modelling. Elke jaar neem twee spanne gekies uit TW244 deel aan 'n internasionale kompetisie in wiskundige modellering.

Here is information on our teams from the past, and here is the competition website. Hier is inligting oor ons spanne van die verlede, en hier is die kompetisie webblad.