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Applied MathematicsToegepaste Wiskunde


Prof JAC Weideman,
A315, weideman@sun.ac.za


Dr Nick Hale,
A410, nickhale@sun.ac.za

Important notices:Belangrike kennisgewings:

Hints for AssignmentsWenke vir Opdragte:

Common mistakes in assignments:Algemene Foute in Opdragte:

  • The document you hand in should show results (output). Just showing us your code is not good enough, we need to see its output. Missing output could be a misplaced semi-colon (;) that suppresses the output, or a Publish that failed. (In the latter case, we recommend that you watch the Publish video on SUNLearn.) Also, output will not appear if there were coding mistakes in earlier problems.
  • Use the template. (It is best to download using Google Chrome as Internet Explorer messes up the line breaks.)
  • You should use %%   to break up the questions in the script. (The space afterwards is important!)
    If you don't do this all results will appear at the end of publish and you will have missing figures.
  • Functions cannot be included in scripts. Save them in a different file and when publishing, include using type().
  • Do not use spaces in file or directory (folder) names.
  • File names should not start with numeric characters, only alphabetic.
  • Do not copy the output lines ans = ... from the command line to the publish script.
  • Turn off subplot when you are finished with it by typing subplot() (without input parameters).
  • Be sure to hand in the published version of your assignment, not the m-file.
    The m-file does not show the answers and figures, hence we cannot mark it.
    Maak seker om die gepubliseerde weergawe van jou opdrag in te handig, nie die m-lêer nie.
    Die m-lêer wys nie die antwoorde en figure nie so ons kan dit nie merk nie.
  • Seriously. Do not use spaces in file or directory (folder) names.

Assignment submission

Assignments should written using the template available below. They must be submitted both in hardcopy and electronically using the form below as a single .m file. No other forms of submission will be accepted. After the submission deadline, submitted scripts will be validated and compared against the rest of the class using an automated plagiarism detector. Be aware that assignments may only be submitted once and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Student number: Student surname: Assignment number:

Choose a .m-file file to upload:

I accept that this this is my own work, plagiarism will not be accepted, and I may only submit each assignment once.

Information Sheet and Outcomes:Inligtingstuk en Uitkomste:

Lecture timetable:Lesingrooster:

  • TuesdayDinsdag 08:00: K302 (Eng)
  • TuesdayDinsdag 09:00: K302 (Afr)
  • WednesdayWoensdag 09:00: E352/353 (Afr)
  • WednesdayWoensdag 10:00: A107 (Eng)


  • ThursdayDonderdag 12:00: S207A, S207B, S203
  • If you don't need help with your assignment
    you are under no obligation to attend the practical.
    As jy nie hulp met jou opdrag nodig het nie is jy
    onder geen verpligting om die prakties by te woon nie.
  • Lab etiquette: Before asking for help please try to find answers
    first on the lecture slides or SUNLearn videos.
    Lab maniere: Voordat jy vir hulp vra, probeer eers antwoorde kry
    op die lesingnotas of die SUNLearn videos.

Flexible Assessment dates:Datums vir buigsame assessering:

A1: 31 August, A2: 10 November, A3: 29 November

The official document on flexible assessment can be found here. General stipulations here. Die amptelike dokument oor buigsame assessering kan hier gevind word. Algemene regulasies hier.


You should use this template and publish using MATLAB's publish function from the toolbar. Gebruik hierdie templaat en publiseer met behulp van die knoppie in die nutsbalk. (You can find myprimes.m here.)

Assignment Opdrag Due date Sperdatum Solution Oplossing
assign1.pdf 29/07/2016 assign1sols.m & assign1sols.pdf
assign2.pdf 12/08/2016 assign2sols.m & assign2sols.pdf
assign3.pdf 26/08/2016 assign3sols.m & assign3sols.pdf
assign4.pdf 26/09/2016 assign4sols.m & assign4sols.pdf
assign5.pdf 07/10/2016 assign5sols.m & assign5sols.pdf
assign6.pdf 21/10/2016 assign6sols.m & assign6sols.pdf (gauss.m)

Lecture notes:Lesingnotas:

The fact that the lecture slides are available here should not be taken as invitation to skip class.
Not everything covered in class appear on these slides.
Die feit dat die klasnotas hier beskikbaar is moenie gesien word as aanmoediging om klas te bank nie.
Nie alles wat in die klas behandel is verskyn op hierdie notas nie.

  • Week 1 (19, 20, 21 Jul): Introduction to MATLAB Inleiding tot MATLAB, Appendix A1-A6
  • Week 2 (26, 27 Jul): Introduction continued Inleiding vervolg, Appendix A7-A8, A11
  • Week 3 (02 Aug): Solving nonlinear equations Die oplossing van nie-lineêre vergelykings, 3.1-3.6
    • LectureLesing 6: lecture06a.pdf (afr) & lecture06e.pdf (eng) - Solving nonlinear equations (Bisection)
    • No lecture on Aug 3Geen lesing op 3 Aug
  • Week 4 (10 Aug): Solving nonlinear equations Die oplossing van nie-lineêre vergelykings, 3.1-3.6
    • No lecture on Aug 9Geen lesing op 9 Aug
    • LectureLesing 7: lecture07a.pdf (afr) & lecture07e.pdf (eng) - Solving nonlinear equations (Regula-Falsi, Newton, secant)
  • Week 5 (16, 17 Aug): Solving nonlinear equations Die oplossing van nie-lineêre vergelykings, 3.1-3.6
  • Week 6 (23, 24 Aug): Solving linear equations Die oplossing van lineêre vergelykings, 4.1-4.3, 4.5, 4.8-4.9
  • Week 7 (13, 14 Sept): Solving linear equations Die oplossing van lineêre vergelykings, 4.10-4.11, 5.1-5.2, 5.7
  • Week 8 (20, 21 Sept): Curve fitting and interpolation Krommepasssing en interpolasie, 6.1-6.5
  • Week 9 (27, 28 Sept): Spline interpolation, numerical differentiation Krommepasssing en interpolasie, 6.6, 8.1-8.2, 8.4-8.5, 8.10
  • Week 10 (4, 5 Oct): Numerical integration Numeriese integrasie, 9.1, 9.3-9.7
  • Week 11 (11, 12 Oct): ODEs: Initial-value Problems GDVs: Aanvangswaardeprobleme, 10.1, 10.2.1, 10.2.3, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
  • Week 12 (18, 19 Oct): ODEs: Boundary-value Problems DVs: Randwaardeprobleme, 11.1, 11.3


  • MATLAB can be purchased from MathWorks for around the price of a text book.
  • You must register an account at www.mathworks.com using your @sun.ac.za email address.
  • Then follow instructions at www.mathworks.com/store/link/products/student/new/
  • A second option is to try Octave. An open source (free) language with similar syntax to MATLAB.
    (Note, however, that all tests in this course will require the use of MATLAB.)

Useful links:Nuttige skakels: