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Applied Mathematics modules for BEng studentsToegepaste Wiskunde modules vir BIng studente

Further information, including credit values and prerequisites, can be found in Part 5 and Part 11 of the university's Calendar. Verdere inligting, insluitende kredietwaardes en voorvereistes, kan in Deel 5 en Deel 11 van die universiteit se Jaarboek gevind word.

First yearEerste jaar

20753-124 StaticsStatika (1ste semester) Dr Diedericks, Dr Fidder-Woudberg, Mr Crous, Ms Stander

Vectors; forces; sum of forces at a point; direction cosines and direction angles; components and component vectors; scalar and vector products; moment of a force; force systems on rigid bodies; equivalent force systems; couples; line of action of the resultant; equilibrium of a rigid body; friction; centre of mass; centroid; volumes; definite integration; moment of inertia of areas. Vektore; kragte; som van kragte by 'n punt; rigtingcosinusse en rigtingshoeke; komponente en komponent-vektore; skalaar- en vektorprodukte; moment van 'n krag; kragstelsels op starre liggame; ekwivalente kragstelsels; koppels; werklyn van die resultante; ewewig van starre liggame; wrywing; massamiddelpunte; sentroïde; volumes; bepaalde integrasie; traagheidsmomente van areas.

20753-154 DynamicsDinamika (2ndde semester) Dr Roux, Dr Cloete

Kinematics in one and two dimensions; relative velocities; the equations of motion; rectilinear motion with constant forces; forces in a plane; parabolic motion; circular motion; the principle of work and energy; power; conservation laws; impulse and momentum; angle impulse and angle momentum; kinetics of particle systems. Kinematika in een en twee dimensies; relatiewe snelhede; die bewegingsvergelykings; reglynige beweging met konstante kragte; kragte in die plat vlak; paraboliese beweging; beweging in 'n sirkelbaan; arbeid-energiebeginsel; drywing; behoudswette; impuls en momentum; hoek-impulse en hoemmomentum; kinetika van partikelstelsels.

Second yearTweede jaar

20753-224 Dynamics of Rigid BodiesDinamika van Starre Liggame  (1ste semester) Prof. Smit, Dr Coetzer, Dr Cloete

Plane kinetics of rigid bodies; rotation and translation; absolute and relative motion; instantaneous centre of zero velocity. Properties of rigid bodies; definite and multiple integrals; Cartesian, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems; areas, volumes, centres of mass and moments of inertia. Newton's laws; energy methods. Introduction to three-dimensional dynamics of rigid bodies. Vibrations of rigid bodies. Vlakkinetika van starre liggame; rotasie en translasie; absolute en relatiewe beweging; oombliklike rotasie-as. Eienskappe van starre liggame; bepaalde en meervoudige integrale; Cartesiese, pool-, silindriese en sferiese koördinaatstelsels; areas, volumes, massamiddelpunte en traagheidsmomente. Newton se wette; energiemetodes. Inleiding tot drie-dimensionele dinamika van starre liggame. Vibrasies van starre liggame.

20753-242 Vector Analysis Vektoranalise  (2ndde semester) Dr Maritz

The straight line and the plane; space curves, derivatives and integrals of vectors, curves, the unit tangent, arc length; surfaces, partial derivatives of vectors, the gradient vector, vector fields, vector differential operators; line integrals, gradient fields; surface integrals in the plane, Green's theorem, surface integrals in space, Stokes' theorem; volume integrals; Gauss' divergence theorem; centres of mass and moments of inertia. Die reguitlyn en platvlak; ruimtekrommes, afgeleides en integrale van vektore, krommes, die eenheidstangente, booglengte, vlakke, parsiële afgeleides van vektore, die gradiëntvektor, vektorvelde, vektordifferensiaaloperatore; lynintegrale, gradiëntvelde; oppervlakintegrale in die platvlak, Green se stelling, oppervlakintegrale in die ruimte, Stokes se stelling; volumeintegrale; Gauss se divergensiestelling; massamiddelpunte en traagheidsmomente.

20753-252 Appl. Maths for Civil EngineersTW vir Siviele Ingenieurs (2ndde semester) Dr Coetzer

Mathematical modelling: correct identification of problems and specification of assumptions; formulation of ordinary and partial differential equations; analytical solutions; interpretation of a solution in terms of the initial problem. Wiskundige modellering: korrekte identifisering van probleme en spesifisering van aannames; formulering van gewone en parsiële differensiaalvergelykings; analitiese oplossings; interpretasie van ’n oplossing aan die hand van die oorspronklike probleem.

36323-262 Numerical MethodsNumeriese Metodes (2ndde semester) Prof. Weideman, Dr Hale

Introduction to Matlab; zeros of functions; solving of systems of linear equations; numerical differentiation and integration; interpolation and curve fitting; numerical methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. Inleiding tot Matlab; nulpunte van funksies; oplos van stelsels van lineêre vergelyings; numeriese differensiasie en integrasie; interpolasie en krommepassing; numeriese metodes vir die oplos van gewone en parsiële differensiaalvergelykings.

Third yearVierde jaar

20753-834 Partial Differential EquationsParsiële Differensiaalvergelykings (1ste semester) Dr Maritz

Derivation of simple partial differential equations (PDEs) from first principles, Fourier analysis, separation of variables and transform techniques for linear second-order PDEs, characteristics, Lagrange's method for first-order PDEs, finite differences. Herleiding van eenvoudige parsiële differensiaalvergelykings (PDVs) uit eerste beginsels, Fourier analise, skeiding van veranderlikes en transform-tegnieke vir lineêre tweede-orde PDVs, karakteristieke, Lagrange se metode vir eerste-orde PDVs, eindige verskille.

Other modulesAnder modules

Some of the honours-level modules offered by Applied Mathematics may be applicable to 4th-year or postgraduate engineering students. Information can be found under postgraduate studies Sommige van die honneursmodules wat deur Toegepaste Wiskunde aangebied word, mag van toepassing wees vir 4de-jaar of nagraadse ingenieurstudente. Inligting kan by nagraadse studies gevind word.